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Loggerhead Turtle Maya Arrived at the Recovery Center

Yesterday, on June 4th, another loggerhead turtle named Maya arrived at our Recovery Center. She is 40 cm long, weighs 7.6 kg, and is about 7 years old. She was found floating on the sea surface near the islet of Banjol by Rovinj, spotted by the crew of the Mayan Queen IV. The turtle had swallowed a hook, with about 30 cm of fishing line protruding from her mouth. Thanks to the quick reaction of the crew and diver Andi Marović from Vis, who also transported the turtle to us, she was immediately examined and an X-ray was taken. Since the hook was located high in the esophagus, we removed it through her mouth. Maya will remain in intensive care for a while until she starts feeding on her own, after which she will be moved to a larger rehabilitation tank.