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About us

The aquarium is privately owned by the biologist and scientist Milena Mičić, PhD, who founded the company in 2000. From a small family-owned business, Aquarium Pula has grown into a company which currently employs over 40 employees. It is recognised at the national level as an educational and scientific centre and is one of the top tourist attractions of the city of Pula.


Milena Mičić, PhD becomes a candidate for EUAC aquarium curator


Milena Mičić, PhD becomes an EUAC aquarium curator (full member)


Marine Turtle Rescue Centre opened in Aquarium Pula, the only rescue centre in the eastern Adriatic at the time


TurtleVet project implemented

Lifelong Learning Programme, Leonardo da Vinci sub-programme partnership on the topic of marine turtle care in the rescue centres of Lampedusa, Italy; Barcelona, Spain; and Dalyan, Turkey


Milena Mičić, PhD voted businesswoman of the year


Official rescue centre for wild animals opened (Aquarium Pula and MOC) 2017 – EAZA Academy Aquatic Animal Welfare Workshop certificate received


EAZA Academy Aquatic Animal Welfare Workshop certificate


Blue Project implemented

Contribution to the development of service learning at VFSZ


Project for reconstructing cannon block (fort revitalisation) implemented


Aquarium Pula became the only institution responsible for maintaining young and adult noble pen shells in ex-situ conditions (“Noble Sanctuary”)


First screening of the documentary

First screening of the documentary “Noble Sanctuary” at the 67th Pula Film Festival, produced by Aquarium Pula


Milena Mičić, PhD receives the prestigious “Istriana” award


Aquarium exhibit space expansion begins in auxiliary building – Battery San Giovanni


Project “Poseidon’s garden

Project “Poseidon’s garden – artificial reef in Valsaline bay” started


Two certificates received from the World Sustainability Organization

Two certificates received from the World Sustainability Organization – “Friend of the Sea” sustainability certificate and the “Turtle Safe Award” for long-term sea turtle care


Golden Marten of Istrian County

For business results of 2021. in the category of small companies


Golden Marten of Republic of Croatia

First place in the category of the most successful small commercial company in the Republic of Croatia


Special Mayor's Award

Ph.D. Milena Mičić received a special award from the Mayor of the City of Pula

We begin by looking inwards...

Sustainable business

Aquarium Pula is developing its business in a sustainable way, but to achieve this goal, it was necessary to change our own habits. Since 2017, only cleaning solutions made exclusively of natural ingredients are used for maintaining and cleaning rooms, single-use plastics have been completely removed from every aspect of our business, and separating waste has been standard practice for a number of years at the company. When creating and designing an exhibit, we make extra effort to think about how to conserve energy. By using modern technology, such as LED lighting, we save energy and ensure the welfare of our animals.

Family-friendly company

Teamwork – an important aspect of business

Along with its primary goals of ensuring the welfare of animals and the conservation of nature and energy, Aquarium Pula cares greatly for its employees. The company recognises the important contribution of each individual employee that is part of our successful team. Employees always work a single shift and often receive well-deserved recognition and bonuses, maximum newborn compensation and many other benefits which also serve as motivation for excellent work in the future.

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