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Terms and Conditions

Company data

Aquarium Pula doo for aquarium activity and trade
Verudella 33, 52100 Pula, Croatia

OIB 00972615522
MBS 040317288
The company is registered in the register of the Commercial Court in Pazin
Management: Milena Mičić, Zoran Mičić, Matko Mičić
Share capital: HRK 920,000.00 / EUR 122,104.98 (fixed conversion rate 7.5345)

General Provisions

  • By using and/or making a reservation and/or ordering a service and/or by purchasing or otherwise acquiring a ticket for a visit (including all available sales channels) and/or by entering the premises of Aquarium Pula, you accept these General Terms and Conditions, as well as all other rules and conditions of use services of Aquarium Pula that apply at the time of use. If you do not agree with the above, please do not use, reserve, order the services, or buy or otherwise acquire tickets for the use of the services, and do not enter the premises of Aquarium Pula.
  • All other questions related to services, payment, as well as generally using the services of Aquarium Pula are subject to the rules in force at the time of use.
  • In the case of transferring a ticket from a customer to a third party, these General Terms and Conditions are transferred and applied to the current holder of the respective ticket, as well as to the person who at that moment uses, reserves, orders, buys or acquires the service, i.e. is in the Pula Aquarium premises. The customer is obliged to point out the provisions of these General Terms and Conditions to the person to whom he is transferring the ticket.
  • Aquarium Pula reserves the right to change and/or supplement these General Terms and Conditions at any time, and such changes shall enter into force on the date of publication. By continuing to use the service after the General Terms have changed, you will be deemed to agree to such amended or supplemented General Terms. Aquariuma Pula advises you to check these General Terms and Conditions before using, booking, ordering, purchasing or otherwise acquiring a ticket for the use of services or entering the premises of Aquariuma Pula in order to be aware of possible changes to them.

Buying tickets

  • Tickets can be purchased at the Pula Aquarium ticket office, and through the online sales area on the website
  • The prices listed in the ticket price list, which is available on the website and at the entrance to Aquarium Pula, are valid for purchasing tickets. VAT is included in the ticket price. The prices of the products are subject to change until the moment of starting the purchase, about which Aquarium Pula will inform the customer in a clear and comprehensible manner.
  • All ticket purchases via the website are binding and final, and can be canceled or changed only by contacting Aquarium Pula at .
  • All inquiries, objections and complaints regarding the operation of the Website for purchasing and paying for tickets can be sent in writing by mail to the address: Verudella 33, 52100 Pula, Croatia, reported by phone at: +385 52 381 402 or by e-mail to
  • When buying tickets with cash, the customer is obliged to count the returned money on the spot, as we do not accept subsequent complaints. Aquarium Pula reserves the right to change the price list.
  • Cancellation and exchange of purchased tickets for another product is not possible.
  • The customer is not entitled to compensation for an unused or lost ticket.

Cash registers

  • For the opening hours of the ticket office, please visit the Aquarium Pula website.
  • Ticket offices close one hour before closing time.

Entrance to the Aquarium

  • The right to enter the space is acquired by purchasing a ticket.
  • It is forbidden to enter Aquarium Pula without a valid ticket. Aquarium Pula reserves the right to check the right of entry as well as the basis for obtaining the discount, and in case of lack of the aforementioned, to prohibit the visitor from entering Aquarium Pula, i.e. to remove the visitor from its premises. For this reason, the visitor is obliged to have the ticket and proof of the right to obtain a discount (e.g. student card, etc.) until the end of the visit.
  • The introduction of animals (of any kind) into the premises of the Pula Aquarium is not allowed, except in the case of companion animals.
  • In Aquarium Pula, there is a ramp for people with disabilities to transfer wheelchairs to the first floor of Aquarium Pula.

Behavior in the Aquarium premises

  • The visitor is obliged to treat the property and premises of Aquarium Pula with care and responsibility.
  • It is not allowed to disturb other visiting visitors.
  • The use of roller skates, inline skates, skate boards, scooters, etc. is not allowed inside the Pula Aquarium.
  • After a warning, the Pula Aquarium staff may remove visitors from the premises without the right to a refund of the ticket price if:
    • their behavior disturbs other visitors during the presentation of the visit;
    • in the opinion of Aquarium Pula staff, under the influence of alcohol or other opiates;
    • smoking inside the premises of Aquarium Pula, where it is expressly prohibited.
    • weapons or some other items prohibited by law (opiates, etc.) are brought into the Pula Aquarium premises;
  • At the end of working hours, visitors must leave Aquarium Pula through the marked exits.

Responsibility for things

  • The visitor is obliged to take care of his personal belongings and keep them under his supervision for the entire duration of the visit. Aquarium Pula is not responsible if things are missing, destroyed or damaged due to circumstances that could not be avoided or eliminated, the cause in fact being the actions or omissions of the visitor himself.
  • We recommend that you do not bring more valuable items into the Pula Aquarium premises, that is, that you organize their storage outside the Pula Aquarium premises. Aquarium Pula assumes no responsibility for loss or damage to such objects.
  • Aquarium Pula will, exceptionally, at the visitor's request, receive for safekeeping money, valuables, securities and other valuables brought by the visitor and will hand them over to him for safekeeping, unless it determines that in the specific case it does not have suitable premises for their accommodation, if they are in relation to the type and category of objects of excessive value, if they are dangerous, bulky or if their preservation exceeds the capabilities of Aquarium Pula for any other justified reason. For all such matters, the visitor undertakes to contact the Pula Aquarium staff.
  • Aquarium Pula does not assume responsibility for lost or missing things that the visitor has not previously handed over to him for safekeeping in accordance with the previous point.


  • Free parking is available to visitors in front of and near Aquarium Pula throughout the year. Exceptionally, in the summer months, the parking lot may be unavailable due to entry restrictions by the company Arena Hospitality Group dd. It is recommended that during rainy days, during periods of high attendance, the visitor uses public transportation services (bus or taxi).

Prohibition of audio and video recording

  • Audiovisual works and other works that are displayed and used as part of educational exhibitions are works protected by copyright and other intellectual property rights. Unauthorized reproduction, distribution, storage, taking other actions for the purpose of distribution, public display or making available to the public of such works constitutes a criminal offence.

Protection of personal data

  • If it is necessary to provide certain personal data and bank card data for the purposes of using the service, the collection and processing of such personal data is subject to the Company's Privacy Statement, which describes in detail how we use your data, what rights are guaranteed by the Data Protection Regulation, and how achieve.
  • Aquarium Pula uses video surveillance in accordance with the Law on Occupational Safety, the General Regulation on Data Protection and the Law on the Implementation of the General Regulation on Data Protection in order to protect persons and property, i.e. on the basis of legitimate interest from Art. 6. paragraph 1.(f) of the General Regulation on data protection. Details related to personal data collected through video surveillance are stipulated in the Company's Privacy Statement, which is available here.


  • All complaints can be submitted at the business premises of Aquarium Pula, as well as sent in writing to the following addresses:
    Aquarium Pula doo
    Verudela bb, 52100 Pula
    OIB: 00972615522
    Aquarium Pula will respond to your complaint within 15 days of receiving the complaint.

General terms of use of the website

  • allows you to use the services and content of its website, which is subject to the following Terms of Use. Terms of use apply to all contents and services of the Aquarium Pula doo website. By using any part of Aquarium Pula doo and all its parts, users are considered to be familiar with these conditions and all risks arising from the use of this website and accept to use the content of this website. pages exclusively for personal use and at your own risk.


  • claims the copyright to all its own content (textual, visual and audio materials, databases and programming code). Unauthorized use of any part of the website, without the permission of the copyright owner, is considered a copyright infringement of and is subject to legal action.
  • reserves the right to change, cancel (temporary and permanent) any content or service on the website without prior notice.
  • consists of its own content, content from partners and advertisers, free content, and links to external sites. You use all the contents of the website at your own risk and cannot be held responsible for any damage caused by its use. The business relationship between visitors and advertisers on and off the site is exclusively a matter of business agreement between visitors and advertisers.
  • The website respects the privacy of its users and visitors. Data about the user will not be available to a third party, except in the case when such an obligation is regulated by law. may, in accordance with the law, collect certain data about users obtained during the use of the website (exclusively data about the computer and data about the Internet provider). uses this data in order to have information with which to improve the website and to further direct and adapt its contents to the audience that visits it. undertakes to protect the privacy of the users of the portal, except in the case of a serious violation of the rules of the website or illegal activities of the user. Changes to the terms of use of Aquarium. hr reserves the right to change these terms of use at any time and will not be responsible for possible consequences resulting from such changes. The aforementioned changes come into force upon publication on these websites.

Rules for uploading content

  • All articles and photos on the website are the property of the company Transferring information from articles published on the website is permitted only with the condition of citing the source, and if it is a website, then it is mandatory to include a link to the original text if the editors of Aquarium Pula did not reach an agreement on different conditions. If any part of the text or information from the text published on the website is transmitted contrary to these rules, legal proceedings will be initiated against the violator.

Links / Links of third parties

  • Some of the contents of these websites contain web links / links to third parties, i.e. their websites. We try to carefully select the websites to which we refer the user, taking care that they have relevant and high-quality content, but we cannot give any guarantees regarding the protection of personal data on those pages, nor assume any responsibility for the content of those pages. These personal data protection conditions apply exclusively to this website ( Third-party websites have their own independent personal data protection conditions, and it is the user's responsibility to familiarize themselves with them when visiting these websites.

Final provisions

  • Any changes and additions to these General Terms of Use will not be valid if they are not published by Aquarium Pula doo on these websites. Any changes published on these websites by Aquarium Pula doo become valid immediately, and any further use of these websites or the offered web services will imply your acceptance of the changed provisions.
  • For any additional clarifications, objections, or if you want to exercise any of your rights, feel free to contact us at