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Discover hidden secrets of underwater worlds

Aquarium is located in 130 years old fortress Verudela, a part of the once powerful complex of the Austro-Hungarian defense system fortress Pula. The fort is today inhabited by hundreds of species of fish from Northern and Southern Adriatic sea and numerous species from marine tropical and freshwater tropical habitats as well/along with fish from Croatian rivers and lakes.

Find out how it all started

Story of Aquarium Pula

Care and conservation of endangered species

Protection of the most vulnerable Adriatic species

Aquarium Pula its development continuosly aims towards protection of the most sensitive and endangered Adriatic species together with public raising awareness.

Loggerhead turtles recovery in our Centre

Recovery of loggerhead turtles in our Centre in most cases lasts up to 6 months. Usually they are being admitted during winter period and after recovery we release them back to the sea (June - October).

Gallerion exhibition

Gallerion is a unique collection that has been developed over a span of
40 years, dedicated to showcasing the renowned Imperial and Royal Navy
of the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy, along with the significant historical
period of Pula, the Monarchy's main port. Following the prestigious
Vienna Military Museum, it ranks as the world's second-largest
collection and the foremost one in the Adriatic region.

Seasonal exhibition

Walking with butterflies

Witness the beauty of tropical butterflies in the seasonal exhibition "Walking with butterflies" and get to know their developmental cycle, dangers they encounter and many interesting facts on additional educational exhibit inside their housing

Exhibition is opened only in period from 1st June until 1st September.