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Group visits

Price list:

Group ticketPrice
20,00€ / 150.69kn
18€ / 135.62kn

16,00€ / 120,55kn
14.4€ / 108.49k
Children 07-18g
16,00€ / 120,55kn
14.4€ / 108.49k
Children 03-06g
12,00€ / 90,41kn
10.8€ / 81.37kn

AQUARIUM TICKET (including the Mediterranean Exhibition, Exotic Exhibition, and Austro-Hungarian naval collection “Gallerion”)

      *Important notice: a group of 15 or more participants is entitled to a discount on the ticket price (10%) in the event that other services (listed below) are not arranged.

      **Important notice: Aquarium and “Gallerion” digital guides are included in the ticket price (smartphones for QR code scanning are needed).

      Fixed conversion rate determined by EU Council Regulation
      1 EUR = 7,53450 kuna

        AQUARIUM PULA GUIDED TOUR (duration: 1 hour)

        Participants are learning interesting facts about the underwater life of the Adriatic and the Mediterranean, along with freshwater ecosystems of Europe, all found through exhibitions in a 135 years old Austro-Hungarian fortress Verudela, where the Mediterranean Exhibition and Austro-Hungarian naval collection “Gallerion” are displayed (2500 m2). After the tour with the guide, participants have the opportunity to visit the Exotic Exhibition situated in the auxiliary fortress, battery San Giovanni (1000 m2).

        Raising awareness of participants about sudden changes in marine ecosystems due to human activities and climate change is particularly important in our aquarium. This way, participants can become aware of threats that the marine environment faces today, with a main goal - to get participants ready to act accordingly in the future and pass the given knowledge forward.

        • Addition of 5 EUR on the ticket prices  per participant

        *Important notice: by arranging this service, a group of 15 or more participants is required to pay the full ticket price per participant (revoked 10% discount).

        BEHIND THE SCENE GUIDED TOUR (duration: 1 hour)

        Participants learn about practical work in the aquarium while visiting premises behind the scenes, such as rooms for life support systems, food preparation premises, breeding and veterinary departments, quarantine areas, and laboratories for live feed cultivation. Participants will have the opportunity to see the aquarium as a whole and to get a feeling of the amount of work needed to keep one aquarium operational. The guided tour is held in the working premises of battery San Giovanni, the auxiliary fortress where the Exotic Exhibition is displayed.

        Participants learn details regarding keeping organisms in good health and fitness, which requires adequate and effective filtration systems, aquarium lighting, environmental enrichment, and proper food preparation. While learning basic requirements for fishkeeping, participants also get the feeling of the importance of aquariums in the 21st century. The aquarium is introduced as “Noah’s Ark” for critically endangered and vulnerable species threatened in their natural environment. Participants also learn about the importance of ex-situ conservation (nature protection under controlled conditions) and challenges met through our breeding programs, all with one goal – to preserve biodiversity and the resilience of marine ecosystems. During the tour, a significant emphasis is placed on the long-standing work of the Sea Turtle Rescue Centre and the Noble Sanctuary, the first regional laboratory for the protection of critically endangered noble pen shells (Pinna nobilis).

        • Addition of 5 EUR on the ticket prices  per participant

        *Important notice: by arranging this service, a group of 15 or more participants is required to pay the full ticket price per participant (revoked 10% discount).

        The educative program of Aquarium Pula offers a unique opportunity for participants to meet characteristic organisms from the Adriatic and Mediterranean Seas and learn interesting facts about their adaptations to the marine environment. Participants also have the opportunity to adopt theoretical knowledge in nature conservation through conservation activities conducted in the aquarium. Aquarium Pula offers a guided tour through its exhibitions and premises behind the scenes.

        Implementation of this educational program is thematically adjusted in a timeframe to the number and age of participants.

        For more information about available group dates, contact us at