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Juvenile pen shells (Pinna nobilis)

A record number of juvenile pen shells (Pinna nobilis) arrived in our aquarium this weekend (18 and 19.11), which indicates that Pinna nobilis populations are recovering.

60 pen shells arrived from Bekarija, Poreč, and we placed them in reception pools with UV-treated and filtered water. The smallest individual is 1.3 cm long, and the largest is 5.7 cm.

The collectors were installed by JU Natura Histrica in cooperation with Dr. sc. Silvija Kipson (SeaFan – business for scientific and professional services). dr. sc. Silvija Kipson, who collected the individuals, says that this is a record number of collected juvenile individuals in the entire Mediterranean.

So far, only 7 juvenile pen shells have been found in the western Mediterranean.