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Hydrosaurus amboinensis in Aquariumu Pula

As part of the exchange with the Hungarian ZOO Sosto, 2 individuals of the Ambonian sailfin lizard (Hydrosaurus amboinensis) were donated to Aquarium Pula. This unusual species of semi-aquatic lizard from Southeast Asia got its name from the Indonesian island of Ambon and the prominent crested tail of the male. They are currently about 60 cm long, and can reach up to 100 cm. They are omnivores, feeding on insects, small mammals, fruits and other plants. They can run short distances in the water while using both their legs and tail as support, and when in danger can stay underwater for up to 90 minutes to avoid predators! Like iguanas, they have a third, parietal eye that is sensitive to the sun and probably helps them navigate.

It is currently listed as a Least Threatened (LC) species on the IUCN list, but due to its similarity to other members of the genus, the exact size and distribution of the population has not been determined.