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A green turtle arrived at our Sea Turtle Rescue Center

For the first time, a young green turtle (Chelonia mydas) arrived at our Sea Turtle Recovery Center!

The individual was found in the vicinity of Crikvenica, and unfortunately, it swallowed a fishing hook with nylon. The position of the hook to be removed was confirmed with an X-ray. It is called "Keti", its shell is 30 cm long, 27 cm wide, weighs 3.6 kg, and is about 2-3 years old.

Namely, green turtles are rare inhabitants of the Adriatic Sea, and so far only 75 finds have been recorded in the Adriatic. Juvenile individuals are omnivores, while in adulthood they feed mainly on algae, which give their bodies an olive-green or gray-brown color. Unlike the loggerhead turtle, they have small sharp teeth in their mouths that they use to "cut" algae. They also differ in the number of plates on the carapace and color, the way they eat, and the length of the armor they can reach.

According to the IUCN, green turtles are an endangered species.