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On the occasion of World Turtle Day (May 23), we returned the recovered sea turtles Keti, Roza and Fortuna to the sea.

Roza is an adult female loggerhead sea turtle approximately 25 years old. She arrived at the Center on June 5, 2023, weighing 38 kg and with a carapace length of 75 cm. She was found floating on the sea surface near Split with buoyancy disorder and a prolapsed cloaca. After about ten days, the cloaca retracted on its own, and on July 20, 2023, Roza was moved to a larger and deeper outdoor pool in Brijuni National Park to regulate her buoyancy. She returned to our Recovery Center in the fall, and in December 2023, she succeeded in doing so. During her stay, Roza gained 7.5 kg and now weighs 46 kg!

Fortuna is a loggerhead sea turtle approximately 3 years old, with a length of 26.5 cm and a weight of 2.4 kg. She was found floating on the sea surface entangled in marine debris in Slana Bay in Brijuni National Park. Thanks to the quick response of the park staff, Fortuna arrived at our Center on November 8, 2023, where it was determined that she had an injured front left flipper and a large number of leeches and their eggs. The leeches were successfully removed, but many eggs remained, which were eliminated with a freshwater bath. Fortuna has grown 1 cm and gained 600 grams.

Keti is the first green turtle (Chelonia mydas) ever in our Center! She is approximately 3 years old and weighed 3.6 kg with a length of 30 cm upon arrival. She was found near Crikvenica with a swallowed hook and fishing line protruding from her mouth. She arrived on July 9, 2023, and an X-ray was immediately performed to determine the exact position of the hook. Two days later, the hook was successfully removed. After the surgery, a scar remained that needed to heal. Keti has grown 2 cm (to 32 cm) and gained 1 kg, now weighing 4.5 kg.