Based on many years of experience in working with groups, Aquarium Pula d.o.o. has adopted the General Rules of Conduct on the premises of Aquarium Pula and all its integral parts.
To make your visit as pleasant as possible, please follow the rules below:
Touching and causing any damage to aquarium glass is prohibited.
Do not disturb other visitors during their visit.
Eating, drinking and smoking are not permitted in the Aquarium.
Photography is permitted only without a flash. Publication of photographed or recorded material is regulated by a special permit.
Parents with children in prams must leave the pram in a dedicated spot to ensure unobstructed access.
Pets are not permitted in the Aquarium.
Using devices of any type that can produce noise must not be used on the premises of the Aquarium.
Group visitors are asked to respect the space that surrounds them, as well as the different groups of visitors in it. Any behaviour that is inappropriate and not in accordance with the General Rules of Conduct will be sanctioned. All visitors are required to adhere to the above. Otherwise, Aquarium Pula staff have the right to escort them out of the premises.
We kindly ask you to read the Aquarium Pula General Terms and Conditions before choosing to visit.
If you have any questions or queries regarding the terms and conditions, contact us by e-mail at or speak to a member of Aquarium Pula staff.

Accepting the General Terms and Conditions

1. By using and/or booking and/or ordering and/or purchasing or obtaining the entrance ticket in any other way (including all available sales channels) and/or by entering the premises of Aquarium Pula, you accept these General Terms and Conditions, as well as all other rules and terms of service provided by Aquarium Pula which are applied at the moment of use. If you do not agree with the above, we kindly ask you not to use, book, order, purchase or obtain the entrance tickets in any other way as well as not to enter the premises of Aquarium Pula.
2. The valid rules apply to all other questions regarding services, payment and general terms of service at Aquarium Pula at the moment of use.
3. In case of transfer of a ticket from the customer to a third party, these General Terms and Conditions are transferred and applied to the current holder of the ticket, as well as to the person who is using, booking, ordering, purchasing or obtaining a service, or is located on the premises of Aquarium Pula. The customer is obliged to inform the person to whom the ticket is transferred of these General Terms and Conditions.

Changes in the General Terms and Conditions and entry into force

4. Aquarium Pula reserves the right to change and/or update these General Terms and Conditions at any moment and such changes shall enter into force on the day of their publication. By continuing to use the services after the change of the General Terms and Conditions, you will be deemed to have accepted the amended or supplemented General Terms and Conditions. Aquarium Pula advises you to read the General Terms and Conditions before using, booking, ordering, purchasing or obtaining a ticket in any other way to use the services or enter the premises of Aquarium Pula in order to get acquainted with any changes to them.

Ticket purchase

5. Tickets can be purchased at the Aquarium Pula ticket office.
6. Tickets can be paid in cash or by card.
7. Valid ticket prices are listed on the ticket price list, which is available on the website and at the entrance to Aquarium Pula. VAT is included in the ticket price. Ticket prices are subject to change until the start of purchase. Aquarium Pula will notify customers of any changes in a clear and concise manner.
8. If purchasing a ticket with cash, the customer is obliged to count the returned money on the spot, as subsequent complaints will not be taken into consideration. Aquarium Pula reserves the right to change the price list.
9. The visitor is obliged to check the information about the requested service, time and place of screening and other information immediately after receiving the ticket, as subsequent complaints will not be taken into consideration.
10. Purchased tickets may not be cancelled or exchanged for another product.
11. The buyer is not entitled to compensation for an unused, partially used (due to being late) or lost ticket.
12. Customers will not be granted a refund (in the form of money, bonus tickets, etc.) for purchased, but uncollected tickets.

Ticket office

13 Information on the opening hours of the ticket office can be found on the Aquarium Pula website.
14 The ticket office closes one hour before closing time.

Entering the premises of Aquarium Pula

15. The right to enter the hall is acquired by purchasing a ticket.
16. Entrance to Aquarium Pula without a valid ticket is prohibited. Aquarium Pula reserves the right to check the right to enter as well as the basis for claiming a discount; in the case that none exists, the visitor will be prohibited from entering Aquarium Pula and escorted out of the premises. For that reason, the customer is obliged to have the ticket and proof of the right to obtain a discount (e.g. student ID) for the entire duration of the visit.
17. Bringing animals (of any kind) into the halls is not permitted.
18. There is a ramp for persons with disabilities for transporting wheelchairs onto the first floor of Aquarium Pula.

Conduct on the premises of Aquarium Pula

19. Visitors must treat the property and premises of Aquarium Pula responsibly and with due care.
20. Visitors must not disturb other visitors.
21. Mobile phones must have the sound turned off. The use of any type of device that can take pictures or record sound during the visit is prohibited.
22. Using roller-skates, roller-blades, skateboards, etc. in the indoor spaces of Aquarium Pula is prohibited.
23. After issuing a warning, the staff of Aquarium Pula may escort a visitor out of the premises without the right to a refund of the ticket price if:
They disturb other visitors with their behaviour during a film screening;
They are, in the opinion of the Aquarium Pula staff, under the influence of alcohol or other opiates;
They are smoking on the premises of Aquarium Pula;
They throw food on the floor or litter or damage the premises or the property in any other way;
They bring weapons or other items prohibited by law (e.g. opiates).
24. After the end of working hours, visitors must leave Aquarium Pula by using marked exits.

Responsibility for your belongings

25. Visitors must take care of their personal belongings, watch them and keep them on their person during the entire visit. Aquarium Pula shall not be held responsible for items missing, destroyed or damaged as a consequence of circumstances that could not have been avoided or eliminated, an inherent fault of the item or as a consequence of the visitor’s own behaviour.
26. We recommend that you do not bring valuables onto the premises of Aquarium Pula and that you organise their safekeeping outside the premises of Aquarium Pula. Aquarium Pula assumes no responsibility for the loss or damage to such items.
27. Exceptionally, Aquarium Pula may, at the visitor’s request, receive for safekeeping money, valuables, securities and other valuable items that the visitor has brought and wants to hand over for safekeeping unless there are no appropriate facilities for their storage, if they are of excessive value regarding the type and category, if they are hazardous, bulky or if their storage exceeds the capacities of Aquarium Pula for any other justified reason. In such cases, the visitor is obliged to contact the staff of Aquarium Pula.
28. Aquarium Pula assumes no responsibility for items lost or missing which have not previously been handed to the staff for safekeeping in accordance with the previous paragraph.


29. Free parking is available to visitors in front of Aquarium Pula throughout the year. Exceptionally, parking may be unavailable over the summer due to entry restrictions imposed by the company Arena Hospitality Group d.d. We recommend that on rainy days in the period of high attendance, visitors use public transport (bus or taxi).

Prohibition of audio and video recording

30. Audiovisual and other materials shown and used as part of the educational exhibitions are under copyright and other related intellectual property rights. Unauthorised reproduction, distribution, storage, taking other actions with the purpose of distribution, public display or making available to the public of such materials is a criminal offence.

Data protection

31. If using a service requires you to provide certain personal data and bank card details, the collection and processing of such data is subject to the Company’s Privacy Policy Statement, which is available here and which contains details on how we use your data, what rights are guaranteed by the General Data Protection Regulation and how to exercise them.
32. Aquarium Pula uses video surveillance in accordance with the Occupational Health and Safety Act, the General Data Protection Regulation and the Act on Implementing the General Data Protection Regulation for the protection of persons and property and based on a legitimate interest described in the General Data Protection Regulation 6(1)(f). Detailed information regarding the personal data collected through video surveillance is set out in the Company's Privacy Policy Statement available here.


33. Complaints may be submitted at the business premises of Aquarium Pula as well as sent in written form to the following address:
Aquarium Pula d.o.o
Verudela bb, 52100 Pula
OIB: 00972615522
Aquarium Pula will respond to your complaint within 15 days of receiving it.


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