Oceanological and biological educative program „Blue school“ offers participants an unique chance to get better acquainted, through practical work, with typical Adriatic organisms and their adaptations to marine environment, along with the basic oceanographical terms (sea transparency, salinity, density, temperature and salt composition). Program workshops take place in battery St. Giovanni, while field work is carried out on the coast near a lighthouse and on the boat anchored in “Bunarina” harbour.

This program is a short course in marine biology consisting of a practical part in the field (coast, snorkeling and boat) and a theoretical part in the classroom and the aquarium itself. Various age groups are able to attend and the program itself can last from a few hours up to 2 days. If you are interested in participating in our “Blue school” program, please contact us so that we can make a reservation and choose preferred topics.


Plava škola Aqurium Pula
Plava škola Aqurium Pula
Plava škola Aqurium Pula

Blue school – activity description

1.Biological Workshop

- Duration 1h
- Topic needs to be chosen prior to arrival
- Group work

a)Adriatic Sea invertebrates Participants interactively analyze different groups of invertebrates using living samples (corals, crabs, bryozoans, sponges, urchins, sea stars, etc.) and dried specimens (mussels and snail shells, crustacean shells). Biologist-educator explains various species main characteristics, their significance to marine environment and possible threats to their survival caused by human activities

b)Dissection of cartilaginous fish– using dead specimens of dogfish (cartilaginous fish) and dry bony fish specimens, participants determine differences between cartilaginous and bony fish in groups of 3-4 persons, while the biologist – educator explains their physiology and anatomy.

c)Examination of sea grass communities with stereo microscopesparticipants examine samples of marine animals collected from shallow sea bottom. With the help of a biologist – educator participants are introduced to basic differences between various groups of organisms and characteristical species are determined. *prior reservation required

* Examination of marine plankton with stereo microscopes (available only in two day programme) -participants examine samples of marine plankton collected by plankton net and determine various types and groups of plankton organisms found in the Adriatic sea.

2. Field work on the coast:

- Duration 1h
- Comfortable footwear, sun protection and drinking water necessary
- Group work
- snorkeling possible (prior reservation needed)
- Activities depend on weather conditions

By collecting samples from the coast zones are analyzed (supralittoral, mediolittoral and infralittoral). Collected material is determined, characteristic species are described and adaptations to extreme ecological conditions described.

Plava škola Aqurium Pula
3. Boat work

- Duration 45min
- Max. 12 persons per trip
- Demonstrational activity
- Activity depends on weather conditions

Samples are collected by raising fishing nets. Fishing techniques and tools are described. Collected material is analyzed regarding species biology, with the influence of fishing and human activities on the marine environment explained. Weather conditions, wave and sea current direction and wind patterns are explained to the participants.

Plava škola Aqurium Pula

Prices are available on request (infos@quarium.hr; 00385 52 381402)