About sea turtles

Sea turtles, animal group inhabiting the world's oceans for over 100 million of years, are one of the most threatened animals today.

From the seven species inhabiting the world' oceans today, only two nest in the Mediterranean: the loggerhead and the green turtle. The population of adult, sexually mature female green turtles in the Mediterranean is estimated between 500 and 1000 animals, while the population of mature female loggerheads is bigger, estimated between 5 to 6 thousand individuals. Today's sea turtles have developed from terrestrial ancestors and adapted to marine life with a hydrodynamic shell, flippers and salt glands.

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Marine turtles rescue centre

Sea turtles are among the most endangered animal species; hence they are protected by numerous national and international regulations. Based on the Nature protection law and provisions of the Regulation for protection of certain reptile species, turtles are strictly protected in Croatia since 1995. Despite their protection, sea turtle populations are drastically declining worldwide, so it has proven necessary to establish rescue centres worldwide to take care of injured and otherwise troubled sea turtles. The biggest part of sea turtle rescue in the Croatian part of the Adriatic takes place in our centre in Aquarium Pula, working under the NGO “Marine educational centre Pula”.

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Besides treating and care, Centre's activities also involve educating the public. Mayor part of that is a yearly manifestation called” Turtle release” , occurring on World sea turtle day, when we release recovered turtles back to the sea. This manifestation has grown into a traditional and media covered event, attended every year by growing numbers of tourists and other interested people.

Loggerhead sea turtles rescued in Aquarium Pula