Fort Verudela is a part of the Austro-Hungarian defence system of the city of Pula, which represents the peak of European fortification architecture of the 19th century.

Verudela is a coastal fort and one of the 55 defense facilities, which were used to defend Pula against enemies from the sea. It is located at an altitude of 31 meters and was built and furnished in the period from 1881 to 1886, with a traditional technique with stone blocks. The arches are built out of bricks and reinforced concrete and the moat is carved out of solid rock. At the same time, nearby battery „San Giovanni“ was built with which the fort Verudela made a unique defense system.

Brief history of fort Verudela

In April 2002, the fort Verudela was declared as a cultural heritage by the Expert Commitee, while in December 2008, the fort became a part of the register of protected Croatian cultural monuments on the basis of the Law on the Protection and Preservation of Cultural heritage.